Leather Pouffes

 Handmade, organically tanned and stitched by artisans in Morocco using quality Moroccan goat leather our Moroccan pouffes are made for comfort and design. We stock a range of the most popular styles but can supply custom colours on request.
 The hand process of making these Moroccan pouffes is followed by the same traditions that have remain unchanged for centuries and have been passed down through generations.
 Each pouf is hand-stitched making it completely unique and original. A natural process is used to produce these pouffes, this includes using natural vegetable dyes and sunlight to tan the hides.

*Due to the handmade nature of our leather pouffes subtle variations in colour can be expected from the photos shown.

 All our pouffes are sold and delivered unfilled. Moroccan pouffes can be filled with a variety of different materials depending on what kind of finish you wish to achieve.
 Old plastic bags, newspaper, cotton, felt, or wool can be used to fill your pouffe. Old towels, sheets and clothes also work well .