Leather Products

 All our leather products are handmade in Morocco using the finest quality full grain leather and by some of the best leather artisans in the world.  Made by hand, every piece in our leather collection is unique and all natural.
 Using traditional methods and techniques that have been passed down through generations, Moroccan tanneries continue to produce the highest quality leather in the world. Every item in our collection of leather bags, vests, and pouffes (more commonly known as ottomans) is created using full grain leather and natural vegetable dyes.
 Full grain leather is not subjected to polishing or finishing.  It is the most natural form of leather in that the grain obtained is left to stand on its own.  Full grain leather is extremely durable and its natural beauty is enhanced as it ages instead of being worn over time.


Leather bag

*Due to the handmade nature of our leather products subtle variations in colour can be expected from the photos shown.

 Vegetable dying or vegetable tanning is the most recognizable and traditional method in use.  An old-world, artisanal process, vegetable tanning takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in some plant species.
 The practice uses extracts from bark, the leaves of various trees, plants, and fruits to create the dyes. The use of these dyes results in beautiful, organic colour that compliments the leather naturally with rich, warm tones.
 It is the only method that gives the leather unique and natural characteristics, combining comfort and beauty, fashion and tradition into a gorgeous product.
 Vegetable tanning is also an environmentally friendly process.  The use of dyes made from plants allows the leather product to be recycled, eliminating waste.  The dye used is all natural and “chromium-free” with no harmful chemicals.
 The nature of this tanning process allows the colour to change over time, deepening and growing more beautiful with each passing season.  Vegetable tanned leathers are more valuable and thus sold at a higher average price compared to chrome tanned leathers.
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