Turkish Towels

All our Turkish towels are hand loomed using 100% Turkish cotton and natural vegetable dyes. Turkish Cotton is a premium cotton as it has extra long fibres. These longer fibres mean fewer joins resulting in a stronger and smoother thread.
 A  great alternative to a normal  towel. Turkish towels are lighter, absorb water better are quick to dry and take up minimal space.
 They are easy to carry  and apart from the bathroom they are ideal for backpacking, boating, spa, sauna, yoga and most sports. Turkish towels can also be used  as a sarong or shawl.


 In the era of Persia, the Turkish called these towels Peshtemals. They were instruments used in the Hammams (marble bathing houses), where people came for a deep cleansing ritual. This cultural ritual is still practiced today.
 Traditional Turkish towels are to support your daily ritual, whichever way works best for you at the beach, home, sport, travel… or dare we say as a picnic rug!

Care Instructions

 A wash before use is recommended (even 2) as this will soften the towel and make it more absorbent. Washing in warm water at a max of 30c is recommended.
 Avoid fabric softners as this will leave silicone residue which will make the towel water repellent.
 Drying on the line or in fresh air is the best way to dry your Turkish towel. Tumble drying can be done but only on a low heat as excessive heat can damage the integrity of the cotton.
 If a loop is accidentally pulled in the towel simply cut off the loop with a pair of scissors. The loop will not unravel the towel