About Us

It all started with a passion for world travel that has evolved into a global wholesale business, consistently delighting our loyal fan-base of happy retailers.

Our travels bring us into contact with loads of amazing people and (unlike many wholesalers) we’re focused on establishing relationships with everyone in the supply chain – starting from the person actually making the product.

We want you to feel the same sense of adventure we do, whenever we stumble across an exciting new range of products – sometimes hiding in the back street bazaars, workshops and outlets where your average tourists rarely go. We give you access to the ‘secret side door’ the big importers don’t want you knowing about.

Sourced from Around the Globe

Our suppliers usually represent the smaller manufacturers and family businesses where pride in workmanship is still the biggest priority. We’re always on the lookout for products with genuine ‘WOW’ factor! – made by real people for real people.

One of the unique qualities that separates us from the competition is our commitment to delivering the highest quality merchandise that naturally commands a higher value in stores – sourced only from ethical, fair-trade suppliers. You’ll never find any of our products selling for half price (or less) at the ‘discount warehouse’ down the road. In fact, you won’t find our products anywhere in Australia but right here!